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Berlin Brandenburg Gate - mural in the style of futurism

Berlin Brandenburg Gate - mural in the style of futurism

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Experience the Brandenburg Gate in a new way: Our mural in the style of futurism is generated with innovative AI technology and is reminiscent of the famous Italian artist Boccioni. You can choose between different forms of processing, such as framing and printing on acrylic glass, aluminum or canvas. An incomparable work of art for your modern home.

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Further information

Motif description

The Brandenburg Gate is a historic landmark in Berlin that was built in 1791. It is a triumphant neo-classical style gateway and stands on Pariser Platz. The architect Carl Gotthard Langhans designed the gate as an entrance to the boulevard Unter den Linden. After World War II it became a symbol of the Cold War and after the reunification of Germany in 1990 it became a symbol of peace and German unity.

Information on image generation

The image motifs were all generated exclusively with AI software in the months of May to June 2023 and very impressively show the current state of the art. Not all pictures are perfect, there are one or two inaccuracies or even bizarreness - but it is very impressive what the technology can do. And as technology advances, image accuracy will increase enormously. It remains exciting!

Information on Processing

When it comes to image processing, you can choose between 1) canvas prints 2) prints on aluminum dibond 3) prints on acrylic glass and 4) framed images. Further information on processing can be found in our FAQs.

Made in Germany - the customer is king

The images are printed on high-quality materials by our partner print shop in Cologne and sent directly to you within around 5 working days (for delivery addresses in Germany). If you have any questions or problems, we are always available via Shopify messaging or email. We're happy to help.